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Selling with Merry Home

Why use Merry Home to sell your property?


Merry Home only works for the few sellers who assign us to be their exclusive agent and their representative. Different from all the local agents who have over tens of thousands of properties to sell, we only look for buyers for our principals and sellers.


Our job is to maximize the profits of our property sellers. Other agents serve for both the sellers and the buyers, and their first priority are closing the deals but not try to maximize the seller’s profits. Merry Home has been cooperating with a dozen of local agencies to sell the property collaboratively, as to achieve the maximization of the profit for the sellers. 


We will do more. When we are authorized by the seller, we will provide property improvement suggestions, free interior decoration, professional photographing, brochure designing and printing, online marketing, property promotion in the whole market, keys management and onsite viewing, management fee and bills management, house repair, cleaning and maintenance. And we will keep the sellers updated with the selling process regularly. 


We will reduce your suffering. If you ever have the experience of selling a property in China, then you must be impressive with the non-stop cold calling, buyers’ information faking, SMS harassment, etc. Merry Home dedicates to help you out, to have your property sold in an easy way, as how it should be.

Enquiry Hotline
(86-21) 6433 9672