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          Enquiry Hotline
          (86-21) 6433 9672

          Merry Fresh

          Merry fresh offers previews for selection of properties that are just open to market or about to be launched onto the market in two months. These properties are either under decoration or they were rented through Merry Home but will be available soon and our clients are currently living in these properties. The Merry Fresh are limited, please make a viewing appointment by calling (86-21)6431 2651 or arrange a viewing online.

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          3brs apt in Palace Court, Huaihai Middle Rd.

          Downtown / Former French Concession

          145  3 bedrooms  2 bathrooms

          30 000 RMB per month

          Merry Fresh

          The apartment will be available at the end of Sep.

          Enquiry Hotline
          (86-21) 6433 9672