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          Enquiry Hotline
          (86-21) 6433 9672

          Merry Home Selections

          There are so many properties in Shanghai. Merry Home selects the best for you.

          Mandarine de Gubei*

          Hongqiao / Gubei

          124m2  2 bedrooms  2 bathrooms

          18 000 RMB per month

          Chevalier Place*

          Downtown / Former French Concession

          253m2  4 bedrooms  3 bathrooms

          45 000 RMB per month

          Ambassy Court brand new decoration

          Downtown / Former French Concession

          127m2  2 bedrooms  2 bathrooms

          35 000 RMB per month

          5br duplex with floor heating in FFC

          Downtown / Former French Concession

          420m2  5 bedrooms  4 bathrooms

          55 000 RMB per month

          forest Manor next to British school

          Qingpu & Minhang / Huacao Town

          500m2  6 bedrooms  5 bathrooms

          65 000 RMB per month

          *Rancho Santa Fe

          Qingpu & Minhang / Huacao Town

          280m2  4 bedrooms  3 bathrooms

          45 000 RMB per month

          *Rancho Santa Fe

          Qingpu & Minhang / Huacao Town

          280m2  4 bedrooms  3 bathrooms

          45 000 RMB per month

          nice lane house duplex with large terrace

          Downtown / Former French Concession

          260m2  5 bedrooms  3 bathrooms

          37 000 RMB per month

          large 4br old apt on Hengshan rd line1 @FFC

          Downtown / Former French Concession

          230m2  4 bedrooms  2 bathrooms

          38 000 RMB per month

          rent Single lanehouse with 4floors Nanchang road

          Downtown / Former French Concession

          300m2  4 bedrooms  4 bathrooms

          50 000 RMB per month

          Free standing old garden house with garage in FFC

          Downtown / Former French Concession

          350m2  4 bedrooms  4 bathrooms

          85 000 RMB per month

          3brm plus a office room in FFC, Line 1/10/12

          Downtown / Former French Concession

          168m2  4 bedrooms  2 bathrooms

          40 000 RMB per month

          Guildford Council

          I wanted to thank you so much for all your help and guidance with this search. As you know neither of us had done this before, so your patience with all our questions helped us make the right decision, and I feel sure that we will be very happy there! If there is ever a case where I need to do this kind of thing again, I will certainly recommend Merry Home, with a hot-line directly to you!



          I am so impressed with the properties you have chosen for us. These were really spot on and I am very impressed how you managed to understand our requirements and offered us such decent properties. Very best regards.

          Itaú BBA, Brazil

          Thank you so much from us both for your kindness and hospitality. Your style of approach is very welcoming and put us both at ease with what could have been a very stressful process. Wishing you all the luck with your future endeavors.  


          What makes Merry Home different

          Thousands of Properties for rent

          Merry Home has thousands of available properties, featuring various apartments, villas, serviced apartments, lane houses and old garden houses. The abundant properties to let or sell give us an unparalleled knowledge of property values across every corner of Shanghai. All the properties listed online are real and available.

          Visa & Immigration Services

          Visa & Immigration procedures in China are complicated. However, Merry Home is making it easy for you. Our Visa & Immigration services offer expatriates who work in China the work permit and residence permit application, alteration, extension and cancellation of service. Meanwhile we also help to obtain driver license, pet license, etc.

          Learn more

          Comprehensive School Orientation

          Merry Home fully understands that your children's education is a key component of your family's relocation. So we also spare no effort in providing the best orientation services about Shanghai’s international schools & kindergartens.

          Enquiry Hotline
          (86-21) 6433 9672

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