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          Enquiry Hotline
          (86-21) 6433 9672

          Why Merry Home

          Thousands of Properties

          Merry Home has thousands of available properties, featuring various apartments, villas, serviced apartments, old lane houses, and old lane garden houses. The abundant properties to let or sale give us an unparalleled knowledge of property values across every corner of Shanghai. And our experienced Property Management team looks after over 300 properties on behalf of landlords.



          Continuous Training

          Merry Home provides intensive and continual training for all of our employees, from our property consultants, CRM executives to marketing officers. We spare no effort in staff training on property knowledge, service transaction procedures, and also especially on our people’s characters. Our people are reliable persons with integrity, enthusiasm as well as professional property specialists.



          One-stop Relocation Service

          Merry Home helps its clients not only in home searching, but also in school orientation, Physical Examination, Visa and Certificates, etc. We provide a one-stop relocation service to ensure that our relocated families enjoy the whole process while saving both time and money.



          Comprehensive School Orientation

          Merry Home fully understands that your children's education is a key component of your family's relocation. So we also spare no effort in providing the best orientation services about Shanghai’s international schools & kindergartens.



          Visa & Immigration Services

          Visa & Immigration procedures in China are complicated. However, Merry Home is making it easy for you. Our Visa & Immigration services offer expatriates who work in China the work permit and residence permit application, alteration, extension and cancellation of service. Meanwhile we also help to obtain driver license, pet license, etc.



          Flexible Working Hours

          Our property consultants are able to work at flexible hours for our clients, who are usually trapped in an extremely tight schedule. As over 30% of Merry Home’s viewings are carried out during non-working hours, our clients could expect Merry Home’s services during weekends, national holidays. Our consultants will work with our clients in a personalized home searching schedule.



          www.shangyoujixie.com is the most powerful and effective interactive on-line property searching platform for expatriates in Shanghai. Thousands of hot properties have been posted online and it makes home searching as easy as never before. 


          Residence Map & Catalogue

          Merry Home’s Shanghai’s residence map and catalogue are of the highest quality during the past ten years, providing the most comprehensive introduction of the market.



          Enquiry Hotline
          (86-21) 6433 9672